A little bit about me......

My name is Michelle Buegeleisen; I am an intuitive, a
mother, a daughter and a wife and I spend my days
working as an energy worker and a healer.  I live in
Sebastopol, Ca on a horse ranch
(Harvest Moon
with my husband Ken.  We have two grown
children and two grandchildren.  

In addition to our human family we have an animal
family that consists of horses, cats, llamas and
chickens.  Not to mention the multiple wild animals that
share the space with us - Foxes, Ferrets, Turkeys,
Bobcats, Deer and Coyotes just to name a few.  

From a very young age I was far more aware of what
someone was feeling rather than what they were
saying to me with words. I've always called this “the
bigger picture”.  It made for a challenging childhood at
times, but as an adult I am truly grateful to be wired the
way I am.   

This is one of the reasons I have loved horses for as
long as I can remember.  Horse’s primary language is
“feeling” the energy of the world around them and
under them.  They feel their way thru life.  They
respond to the feeling that is projected toward them
and not to what someone says to them.  In some ways,  
growing up, I felt horses understood me better than
people understood me.  From my perspective we
shared the same language.  Feeling first - words

The physical work I do on my ranch with horses &
humans balances out the energetic work that I do.  I
find, for me, that one cannot exist happily without the
other. After all, we are all energetic creatures in
physical bodies.  
I now spend my days working on the
physical and the energetic - for me, it's about balance.  

I have created a life that has allowed me to combine my
passions and my abilities to help others feel and see
things a little differently, so that they can effect great
change with in their own lives.
Energy Work by Michelle