Energy Work by Michelle
Beginning Meditation Class

My goal is to create a safe, fun environment for people to
connect, learn and enhance the quality of their lives and their

In this 3 session series you will learn:

How to ground your body and your energy.  Grounding allows
you to enjoy being a spirit and a body.  It helps your spirit and
your body to communicate and communication means
everything works & feels better.

We will go over what your aura and your chakras are and what
they mean to your physical body.

You will learn techniques to become more aware of other
peoples energy and how it effects your body and life.

We will discuss why and how that energy gets in there and
why it bothers you. We will look at ways to energetically
protect yourself from energy that you would prefer not be in
your body.    

You will learn a form of active chakra meditation.  Not your
typical meditation, but rather a fantastic way to cleanse your
body, mind and soul.  You can begin to clean out the energy
that no longer serves you.   

You will learn what it feels like to be full of your own energy,
an energy that fuels you, supports you and lifts you up.

Creating the life you want is possible.  

If you have questions please feel free to call me at
707-292-4308 or email me at

The cost for the meditation series is 150.00.
Classes take
place at my ranch in Sebastopol -
Harvest Moon Ranch

I highly recommend this class to
any one who can take it. You've
never meditated like this before,
and it will change your life
-Hope Becklund