Energy Work by Michelle
"My belief is that all things are
connected.  So to effect change in one
area you must be willing to see and
own all areas - no matter how painful
or uncomfortable."
Equine Sessions

Energy work with your horse.....

When I do Energy/healing work with a horse, I do so from a big
picture perspective.  In my opinion to focus on any one thing as
being the problem is a misjudgement.  An example would be a
problem with a horse's hoof, a lameness.  For me a hoof that does
not work well is not as simple as just saying there is something
wrong with it.  For me, it's about a bigger picture and to truly heal
the hoof and move on, you must be willing to see the other factors

I look at the problem first from an energetic perspective and then I
take into account all the other factors:  The horse's living situation,
the horse's stress levels, the horse's physical condition, the food
and then finally the factor I believe to be extremely significant, the
relationship between the owner and the horse and the reflection
of the owner in the horse.

For me, to say our horses mirror us is an understatement!  The
mirroring of us and our lives in their bodies is sometimes
unnerving, to say the least.

I have a personal saying and that is - "I go out in the morning to
check on my horse to see how *I* am doing"  My horses reflect me
to a tee.  The good, the not so good, the attributes, the shadow
parts, the hidden (to me) dysfunctions, all of it.  All I have to do is
be courageous enough to see it and then be honest enough with
myself to own it.  

I have found that by looking at the big picture of what is going on
with a horse you see your own big picture.  The healing that can
occur from that space is transformative for not only the horse, but
also for the human as well.  

I prefer to do sessions in person when possible but they can also
be done over the phone/email.  I charge 150.00 per session.  A
session includes our initial meeting (over the phone or in person)
which generally lasts about an hour and a half. The session fee
also includes a follow up email or phone conversation in the weeks
following the initial session.  Travel fee is applicable in some

I can be reached at 707-292-4308 or via email at  
For more information on the ranch see
our website
Harvest Moon Ranch

Energy work with one of my horses......

You do not have to own a horse to receive the benefit of being
reflected by a horse.  I have several horses at my ranch that enjoy
doing this kind of energetic work with people.  A session with one
of my horses looks something like this:

You have an issue you would like more clarity on or maybe you just
need to jump start the energy with in your life.  We can start from
any point, even the point of having no idea what you would like to
gain from this kind of work.  

Each session is unique and tailored specifically to the person.  A
session can include contact with the horse or just observation of
the horse, while you and I work, whichever you are more
comfortable with and if you don't know, we can explore that at the

I charge 150.00 per session here at
Harvest Moon Ranch.  
Sessions generally last about an hour and a half.  

I can be reached at 707-292-4308 or via email at
Here are pictures of me working on my personal horse Lotta.  She's come to
LOVE healing work and always expresses that in a rather dramatic way.  My
sister Kristen snapped these photos one afternoon as we were all hanging out
chatting at the arena.
What a great morning!  I wanted to
tell you how wonderful it was
working with you and Shadow.  
You truly are "Mother Butterfly"
..... Thank you so much for helping
me find clarity and the ability to
face those lingering fears...I still
am working through all that
happened that afternoon and am
so grateful for this right now in my
life... Sending you warmth & love-
Angelina Martin Sept. 2011
"Sessions with Shadow are
like mega sessions, it's like
months of sessions in one.
You can't say something,
whether conscious or
unconscious, that is not true
because one look at Shadow
tells you, you are not being
truthful. That's huge because it
is instant measurable
feedback from a horse!"
-Lauren Meseros
I really want to thank you
for our  session...
Everything has been
different for me with
horses since our session.
I feel like it gave me
permission to follow my
instincts more and now I
feel like I can hear the
peace the the horses
greet me with.

Truly beautiful.
Thank you!