Energy Work by Michelle
Healing for Humans

We as humans often get stuck in the physical reality of our bodies and in the physical reality of the
world around us.  We forget or sometimes weren't even aware that we have an energetic or spiritual
self.  Both our physical bodies and our energetic bodies need to be in good communication with one
and other for us to feel well.  In order for that to occur, energy needs to flow freely between both the
physical and the energetic.

When your energy is running smoothly thru your energetic system and physical body, your body and
your life are generally running smoothly too.  When your energy is blocked, your body & your life are
often struggling.   

Bodies are good at alerting us to a blockage by showing us via physical pain, mental discomfort,
illness, anxiety, unrest, etc.   Our lives are good at this too, if you feel like your life isn't what it should
be or isn't what you want it to be, well that's just more information alerting you to something that
needs to move.  The energy inside of you is what radiates outward to create the life you are living. If
you want to change your life, you begin by changing what is in you.  You can't have a happy and
fulfilled life if what is driving you inside is not happy and fulfilled.  To change the outside, you begin by
changing the inside.

My goal as a healer is to assist your body & energetic system in releasing the energy that is causing
you discomfort/disharmony.  This is as simple as energetically reminding your body to release the
energy it holds onto so tightly.  Often the reason that energy got stuck in the first place has long been
forgotten.  It's kind of like cleaning out your closet, the stuff in the front is obvious and you knew it
was there, the stuff in the back is generally a walk down memory lane, items long forgotten and no
longer used.  They just sit there in the shadows taking up precious space & energy.

Healings are, in a nut shell, universal life force energy channeled into your body & energetic system.  
Healings go by many different names: Rieki, theta, Quantum touch, Spiritual healing, and so on, but
from my perspective, it's all really the same thing.  Simply put, energy that is moving within the
physical body and spiritual field, is a healing.  

My style of healing is hands on, where life force energy is channeled thru my hands into your body.  
Most people find a healing session to be a very comforting and relaxing experience; however if you
are not comfortable being touched for any reason, I am happy to facilitate the healing hands off or
even long distance, it is just as effective.  

In person healing sessions last about an hour.  We can have a specific focus for the healing or it can
be more generalized, either is fine.

Please feel free to contact me for more information or to set up an appointment.  

I charge 100.00 for an in person healing session at my studio in Sebastopol at
Harvest Moon Ranch or  
50.00 for a distance healing session
Healing for Horses

Please See the page titled Equine Sessions for
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