Intuitive Session

A typical intuitive session looks a little like this.....

We sit down in my studio and get comfortable.  You chat a little bit
about what is going on in your life.  We find a starting point - an
issue that you wish to have more clarity on or something you
would like to change.

Once we establish a starting point - we begin a guided meditation

I take you thur a series of visualizations and meditative exercises
to help you become clearer.  A byproduct of this work is that you
also become more grounded and "in the present moment".

This is one of my favorite forms of energy work; I find it to be very
effective in shifting the energy in your life that you consider to be
an issue - the energy that has been stuck.

We can get so wrapped up in our issues/stories that we stop
being able to see or understand anything beyond those
issues/stories. They become the filter thur which everything is

And those issues/stories can become so ingrained and believed
that when you speak of the story to others you speak with great
passion and conviction and a total belief that the story is true.  
Therefore the energy behind the issue/story becomes true.  What
you believe, you manifest in your own life, good or not so good.  
Your filter becomes your reality.

The issue/story you come in with is the place where the process
begins.  Together we unearth those layers of energy that are
underneath the issue/story.   

This process helps you to become clearer on what you are feeling
and how your body is affected by the energy of the issue/story.

A common example – your issue/story is that you struggle with
anxiety. The anxiety would be the obvious outer layer, the energy
on top - the thing you are most aware of/the filter.  But what
drives that anxiety is not that outer layer, but rather something
deeper, something more elusive – the energy underneath the

I use the example of anxiety because it’s so common, but energy
work can help with any aspect of your life that you would like more
clarity on.  Job changes, marital shifts, healing crisis, expanding
your awareness, hearing your intuition clearer, the ability to
consciously access and use your healing ability. These are just
some examples; energy work can be effective in any part of your

One of the aspects of energy work, that I love!, is that you do not
need to resurrect the past or mentally dissect old wounds layer by
layer to shift the energy of the present.   

When someone is ready to let go of something and alter their life
for the better, it can be as simple as someone showing you the
energetic path and energetic connections that you didn’t know
were there.

If you would like to talk more about this type of work please feel
free to call me at 707-292-4308 or email me mkgbuegel@yahoo.

I charge 150.00 per 2 hour session.
 Sessions can take place in
person at my studio at
Harvest Moon Ranch in Sebastopol or we
can work over the phone, which ever is more comfortable for you.
Energy Work by Michelle
"I think you were a catalyst for
one of the biggest shifts I’ve
experienced in my life. Just being
able to unlock my emotions put
something in motion that kept
unfolding throughout the day........
I went through a great deal after I
spoke with you; the process just
kept unfolding and took me to a
very unexpected place.
JD - April 2011
You have helped me on so
many levels.  You're the first
person I've talked to who
confidently knew what I was
talking about and could give
me insight without judgment.
So many more things make
sense now.  You left me
feeling energized and excited.  
Sally Carstensen - August 2011 was clear to me that I could benefit from and
am ready to receive more spiritual guidance on
this Earth Journey of mine and it seems that you
are a person that can "hold that space of learning"
for another extremely well....
Tamara Cover - August 2012